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[also spelled as Wynad, Wayanadu, Wyanad, Vayanad, Vayandu, Vynad etc.] is one of the districts in Kerala that have been able to retain its pristine nature. Wayanad is a land of spices -Almost every crops such as coffee, black-pepper, ginger, turmeric, cocoa, arecanut, tea, rubber, vanilla etc are grown here. Black pepper produced from this hill station is famous in the world of spices because of its unique quality and aroma.

This district of Kerala offers excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, an insight into tribal culture evocative of earlier centuries, trekking and other adventure activities, and a variety of remote monuments. The hills, rocks and valleys which give shape to the very unique terrain of Wayanad provide for exceptional adventure experiences. For wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers, Wayanad's wildlife sanctuaries are must visit destinations. Established in the year 1973, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is about 344 sq km in extent. The Sanctuary exists as two bits.Tholpetty, near Mananthavady is contiguous with Nagarhole of Karnataka. The Muthanga -Bathery-Kurichiat ranges are nearer to Sulthan bathery, bordering Mudumalai of Tamil Nadu and Bandipur of Karnataka. Rich in biodiversity, the sanctuary is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, which has been established with the specific objective of conserving the biological and cultural heritage of the region.


This green paradise is nestled among the mountains of Western Ghats and is located at a distance of 76 km from the nearest sea-shore of Kozhikode. The leading tourist canters of South India like Ooty, Mysore, Bangalore, Coorg and Kannur are around this region.


According to archaeological evidence, the Wayanad forests have been inhabited for more than three thousand years. Wayanad was originally ruled by Vedar kings. However, after a Kshatriya Prince (Raja of Kumbala), was captured and held hostage in Tirunelli by the Vedars, it was invaded and annexed by a combined force lead by the Raja of Kottayam and the Raja of Kurumbranad. The Vedar king (Arippan) was killed and most of his subjects were massacred. However, the Raja of Kumbala asked a Nair aristocrat, Nanthillath Nambiar to marry the daughter of the Vedar king, who had survived the massacre. Nambiar was appointed as the Moopil Nair  of Veliyambam, where the surviving Vedars were resettled. It was decided that Wynad should be partitioned between Kottayam and Kurumbranad. The Kottayam Raja was awarded North West Wynad and the Raja of Kurumbranad was awarded South East Wayanad. As a result of disputes between them, the Kurumbranad Raja gave up his country to the Kottayam Raja, except for the palace and some landed properties. The Raja of Kottayam divided Wynad in to 10 Swaroopams (Naads) and appointed governors (Usually Nairs with the tile of Vazhunnor) to rule each one of them. These swaroopams were again divided into Chiefdoms, which were ruled by Moopil Nairs.


The vast stretches of mist - capped mountains green meadows of valleys, white water springs, blue water lakes and wild forest fabricate the splendid natural beauty of Wayanad. Taking advantage of these natural endowments, recreational facilities in Wayanad can be widened very much.

  • Sentinel Rock Water Fall
    at Soochipara near Meppadi 22 kms. South of Kalpetta. A three step water fall of more than 200m in height with a fantastic scenery provides for white water rafting, swimming, bathing, etc., the tree top huts at Soochipara will give unique view of the valleys of Western Ghats. It is also an ideal place for rock climbing.
  • Kanthan Para Water Fall
    a beautiful water fall of about 30m. in height, 8 km east of Meppadi and 12 kms. South-east of Kalpetta.
  • Kuruva Dweep
    950 acres of evergreen forest surrounded by east flowing river, Kabani. Rare species of birds, orchids and herbs are sovereigns of this supernatural kingdom. It is 17kms. East of Mananthavady and 45 kms. North-west of Sulthan Bathery.
  • Banasura Dam
    The largest earth dam in India, 15 kms north-west of Kalpetta. This large expanse of water bounded except on one side with magnificent hills has heavenly charm.
  • Pazhassi Tourist Resort
    The DTPC has organized a park at Kabani river side, 1 km. south of Mananthavady. Boating in Kabani River Children's park, children's traffic park and sales counter for handicrafts and spices are arranged here.
  • Lakkidi Ghat Pass
    It is the Gate Way of Wayanad above the Thamarassery Ghat Pass of western ghat, at an elevation of 700m above mean sea level. Deep valley to the south with winding roads through thick forest attracts many. It is 55 kms. East of Kozhikode and 5 kms. south of Vythiri.

The Kozhikode - Mysore National Highway 212 (NH 212) passes through Wayanad district. The nearest railway station is at Kozhikode, 75 km from Kalpetta. Kozhikode airport at Karipur is the nearest airport. Wayanad is well connected by road to various parts of Kerala and other neighboring states. Buses go frequently between important centers. While travelling from Mysore on NH 212, at a place called Gundlupet the road forks, one goes to Ooty and the other goes to Sultan Batheri, which is a prominent town of Wayanad.
NH 212 passes through Bandipur National Park and then through the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary which is the Kerala state border. The roads are good except for some sections inside the Bandipur Forest. Unwind in nature’s lap in wayanad nature resorts


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